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A-Z of Public Health Topics

An A to Z listing of public health topics relevant to the work of the Western Public Health Unit (WPHU). Find the health information you need, from Buruli ulcer to Influenza.

If the public health topic you are looking for is not listed, please refer to the Better Health Channel's A-Z of health information.

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Healthy swimming

Healthy swimming practices are important to keep pool water clean and to stop the spread of germs. Find information on actions you can take to stay healthy when swimming.

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Safe food handling

Food poisoning is frequently caused by bacteria from foods that have been incorrectly stored, prepared, handled or cooked. Find information on actions you can take to keep food safe.

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Travel health

Overseas travel – whether visiting family and friends, travelling for work or going on a holiday – can be an exciting and stressful time. Plan your travel to stay safe and avoid getting sick.

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