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Water quality in the west - Stay Informed

Firewater has entered some waterways in the west due to an industrial fire that started on Swann Drive, Derrimut on Wednesday 10 July. Stay informed via VicEmergency for the latest advice and information.

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Influenza is on the rise

As a parent, we know you want to do everything possible to protect your child. One of the best ways to protect their health during flu season is by getting their free annual flu vaccination.

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Increasing local transmission of mpox in Victoria

People with symptoms of mpox should seek medical care and testing. Free mpox vaccine is widely available for eligible people.

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News & Alerts

Health conditions in focus

Information for health professionals and partners

News and alerts regarding public health updates for health professionals and partners in central and western Melbourne.

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WPHU uses local insights, community-based relationships and direct engagement to tailor and deliver high-quality, evidence-based public health initiatives and respond to incidents and issues within central and western Melbourne

Population Health

WPHU’s population health role involves promoting health and wellbeing and preventing disease in local communities, contributing to the Victorian Government’s vision that Victorians are the healthiest people in the world.

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Health Protection

WPHU’s health protection role involves protecting individuals, groups and populations against emerging health threats related to infectious diseases and the environment.

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A-Z Health Topics

An A to Z listing of all public health topics relevant to the work of the WPHU. Find the health information you need, from Buruli ulcer to Influenza.

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