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Healthier eating and food systems

ACE Health Economic Modelling Tool deep dive webinar workshop 

On Wednesday, 1 May 2024 the Western Public Health Unit (WPHU) hosted a webinar workshop in partnership with Deakin University on the Assessing Cost-Effective (ACE) Health Economic Modelling tool. 

The webinar workshop covered the intricacies of the Assessing Cost-Effective (ACE) Health Economic Modelling tool, a powerful instrument for estimating the health benefits and cost-savings associated with changes in population profiles of risk factors such as high body weight, physical inactivity, and sedentary behaviour.  

The webinar workshop was chaired by Veronica Graham – WPHU Senior Manager Population Health Promotion and Planning and facilitated by Dr Vicki Brown – a Senior Research Fellow within Deakin Health Economics (DHE) at Deakin University, and a member of the Global Centre for Preventive Health and Nutrition (GLOBE). Dr Brown’s extensive expertise as a health economist is dedicated to comprehending the costs and benefits of public health prevention interventions. Through her work, Dr Brown strives to enhance the decision-making process, ensuring that scarce resources are allocated to the most effective and cost-efficient intervention options. 

The webinar workshop offers a unique opportunity to gain practical insights into the application of health economics in public health interventions including:

  • learning how to effectively utilise the ACE Health Economic Modelling tool to estimate health benefits and cost-savings
  • gaining a deeper understanding of the decision-making process involved in resource allocation for public health interventions.

A recording of the webinar workshop is available below.

Webinar workshop recording

If you have any questions regarding the ACE Health Economic Modelling tool, please contact either Dr Vicki Brown, or WPHU, for the attention of the Population Health team.