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Transition of Primary Care Partnerships to LPHUs

Transition of Primary Care Partnership Program to health services operating LPHUs

After a review of the Primary Care Partnership (PCP) Program, the Department of Health has decided to transition the PCP function to the health services operating Local Public Health Units. This change is intended to improve population health outcomes for local communities by consolidating skills, knowledge and governance across a catchment area, and to create a renewed focus on place-based health promotion and prevention.

The transition of PCP staff, funding and functions to health services will be completed by 30 June 2022.

For the Western Metropolitan Region, this means that high value functions from the Inner North West PCP and the Health West Partnership will transition to the Western Public Health Unit.

Inner North West PCP has advised its partners that it will cease operations on 31 March with functions transitioning to the Western Public Health Unit. Functions from Health West Partnership are planned for  transition to the Western Public Health Unit from 30 April. Western Public Health Unit will provide an update on that transition closer to the date.

The state’s 28 PCPs have made valuable contributions to Victorian healthcare since their establishment in 2000, and the transition of their functions to LPHUs will continue the strong focus on health promotion.