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How to access food relief, essential items and practical support

Isolation and quarantine can be a very difficult time but there is a help and support available to keep you safe. This factsheet will include resources and support that can help you stay safe in isolation or quarantine. (For information on financial support and assistance, please read the factsheet ‘What kind of financial assistance or other support is available to me?‘)

Top Tips

  1. Plan ahead
    Consider what food or other supplies you might need in advance (nappies, baby formula, cleaning products and food). Try to buy enough food and supplies to last you for one to two weeks to reduce the deliveries you need
  2. Ask your community
    Many of your friends, family and community will probably want to help and support you during your quarantine or isolation period. Take them up on the offer but make sure they leave any supplies at your front door and do not enter your home.
  3. Connect which your local council
    Local councils are providing support to people in their area. If you are feeling to unwell to cook for yourself, visit your local council page, as they might be able to link you in with food or other meal delivery services.
  4. Ask Izzy
    Ask Izzy is a free and anonymous website that allows you to search for local food charities and support in your suburb or area. 

I can’t access food. What should I do?

Emergency food relief packages are available to vulnerable Victorians who cannot access essential items during their quarantine or isolation period. Packages will include stable food items like cereal, sugar, pasta and long life milk and personal care items like toothpaste and deodorant. If you need nappies, baby formula, sanitary items or pet food, these can be provided on request.

If you are in need of a food package, please call the Victorian Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398.

I’m experiencing family violence. What should I do?

It’s very important to know that you’re able to leave your place of quarantine or isolation to escape harm or the risk of harm from family violence. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger please call 000.

There is lots of help available to you. You can contact Safe Steps which is a 24/7 crisis service on 1800 015 188, email or you can use the web chat support.

Please see the Department of Health website for more information on the help and support available to you.